15 August 2020 | Restarting India: COVID-19 and the creative economy | CNBC TV18

CNBC TV18 mentions the Taking The Temperature report in their segment. More...

15 August 2020 | Pitching for the backstage crew | Times of India

Times of India quotes the Taking The Temperature report.. More...

29 July 2020 | Protecting artists and the arts | The Hindu

The Hindu covers the Taking The Temperature report.. More...

25 July 2020 | 'India's culture sector is informal, ambiguous' | Times of India

Times of India mentions the Taking The Temperature report.. More...

14 July 2020 | MSMEs in creative segment bear Covid brunt | The Telegraph

The Telegraph highlights findings from the Taking The Temperature report.. More...

11 July 2020 | Taking the Temperature Report: Social distancing impacting creative economy over the long-term| Brand Equity

Brand Equity features the Taking The Temperature report.. More...

9 July 2020 | Mapping the Impact of COVID-19 on Creative Economy and why it needs more access to rights than charity? | Everything Experiential

Everything Experiential features the Taking The Temperature report.. More...

8 July 2020 | Picking Up The Creative Pieces | Mid-Day India

Mid-Day India mentions the Taking The Temperature report.. More...

18 May 2020 | Mumbai: Museums go digital, aim for more inclusive future | The Indian Express

Ghar Se Museum gets a mention in this article by the Indian Express. More...


24 April 2020 | COVID-19 Resource Centre | Mid-Day
Mid-Day covers our COVID-19 Resources for Artists, Freelance Cultural Professionals and Arts Organisations. More...


11 April 2020 | Culture in the time of corona | The Indian Express
Our ACRI Pune Chapter event, 'Building Digital Strategies' gets a mention in this article by the Indian Express. More...

26 March 2020 | Festival Connections | BW Businessworld
Indian business magazine, BW Businessworld previewed our Festival Connections webinar with British Council. More...

25 March 2020 | Festival Connections | Mumbai Mirror & Bangalore Mirror
Mumbai Mirror and Bangalore Mirror carried a listing of our Festival Connections webinar with British Council.

18 March 2020 | Taking The Fest Online | Mid-Day
Mid-Day carried a listing of our Festival Connections webinar with British Council. More...

26 February 2020 | CultureCon 2020 | Interview |
As part of the media partnership for CultureCon 2020, has recently published an interview with the curators of the conference: Parmesh Shahani, Head, Godrej India Culture Lab and Rashmi Dhanwani, Founder, The Art X Company. More...

17 January 2020 | Art Night Friday | The Hindu

The Hindu covers the Mumbai Midtown Arts Collective's #ArtNightFriday.

17 January 2020 | Art Night Friday | Mumbai Mirror

Mumbai Mirror covers the Mumbai Midtown Arts Collective's #ArtNightFriday.

16 January 2020 | Meet Them In The Middle | Mid-Day

A collective of art galleries in Worli, Byculla and Lower Parel will host guided walkthroughs by artists and curators this Friday, followed by a networking mixer. More...

11 August 2019 | Museum of Goa | Herald

The Herald covers our Director, Rashmi Dhanwani's talk on Managing the Arts at the Museum of Goa. Rashmi spoke on the broader context of managing the arts in India, types of cultural organisations and structures of management in these organisations, fundraising and sustainability. The talk also discussed comparisons of the management of the arts in Goa with that of the cultural sector in India.

10 August 2019 | Sanctuary for the Arts | Indian Express

The Indian Express covers our first ACRI Pune Chapter event as experts from three cultural organisations reveal the importance and challenges of management and finance in the arts sector. More...

19 July 2019 | Art Walk | Mumbai Mirror

Mumbai Mirror covers the Mumbai Midtown Arts Collective's #ArtNightFriday.

18 July 2019 | ACRI - Bringing artists together, one meet-up at a time | BreakaLeg

ACRI or the Arts and Culture Resources India is making quite a wave in the cultural ecosystem and rightfully so! After conducting successful networking events and workshops for creative and cultural professionals in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, ACRI is coming to Hyderabad on 21st July 2019! More...

8 June 2019 | Night at the gallery | Business Standard

Mumbai's art spaces are collectively agreeing to extend hours on certain days so that patrons can walk in late. Ranjita Ganesan on the city's gallery-hopping culture. More...

20 May 2019 | A walk to remember | Mumbai Mirror

This list is packed with exciting Bambaiyya walk-throughs and tours that will surely delight both tourist and city dweller alike. More...



14 May 2019 | Making Art Accessible | Mid-Day

A mentorship and networking session by an interdisciplinary arts organisation promises to help creative professionals navigate the art industry. More...


12 Apr 2019 | Go on an art trail | Mumbai Mirror

While art lovers might be familiar with Art Night Thursday, in which major galleries in Colaba and Fort remain open late till 9.30 pm once every month, there now is a new art night for aficionados to consider.

7 Mar 2019 | Building Culture Stories | Mumbai Mirror

This talk will focus on the management aspects of the cultural field. More...

23 Feb 2019 | Art & its Crusaders | The Hindu Weekend 

Our Director, Rashmi Dhanwani, features in last month's edition of The Hindu Weekend article which covers cultural entrepreneurship in India by celebrating the next wave of cultural entrepreneurs and their crusades in the field of art. More...


18 January 2019 | Mumbai Gallery Weekend back on city-hoppers' checklist | DNA

The annual Mumbai Gallery Weekend (MGW) is back for city-hoppers to add a new activity to their checklist. The exhibition will be held till Sunday, January 20. More...


15 January 2019 | Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2019 | The Free Press Journal

Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2019: Gallery hop, artist walkthroughs and open studios, here’s what you shouldn’t miss!


1 December 2018 | Vogue India Art Report | The Art Pack

Our Director, Rashmi Dhanwani, features in this month's The VOGUE India Art Report along with other young crusaders who are rejigging the art world to make it inclusive, sustainable and democratic through various systems.



1 October 2018 | Creative start-ups | Wopreneur

Our Director, Rashmi Dhanwani features in the launch issue of Wopreneur's magazine which covers women entrepreneurs in creative start-ups following their dreams and doing what they believe in.



29 September 2018 | Spotlight Dance | The Hindu

Can the contemporary artist negotiate between classical dance and popular culture? More...


27 September 2018 | Art in the belly of the city | The Hindu

Peter Griffin spends a rain-soaked evening on a prowl with the Mumbai Midtown Arts Collective. More...



25 September 2018 | News | The Wild City

Arts & Culture Resources India To Host Offline Meet For Creative & Cultural Professionals. More...


8 August 2018 | Empowering Women Entrepreneurs | Google For Entrepreneurs + 91springboard launch

Last month our Director, Rashmi Dhanwani participated in a panel discussion on Women Entrepreneurs which took place in Delhi. This event was a collaboration between Google For Entrepreneurs and 91springboard to empower and support the next generation of female founders in India. More...



3 Aug 2018 | Cultural community finds a platform to network better | DT Next

Social groups and networking opportunities are aplenty these days for entrepreneurs, students and others in Chennai these days, but what about the cultural community? More...


27 July 2018 | Meet your like minds in art | Times of India

If you're a creative professional just starting out, chances are that you're scouting for a few basic step-ups. More...

29 June 2018 | Art Central | Mid-Day

Seven art spaces in central Mumbai come together to increase gallery hours and welcome a new audience.


14 June 2018 | Networking in the Cultural Industry | Godrej India Culture Lab Blog

It was our second trip as Leadership Programme fellows and the event was based on networking. More...


13 May 2018 | Art Says TGIF | Mid-Day

Mumbai: Dadar-Lower Parel-Worli Set To Position Itself As A Young Art District. More...

3 May 2018 | Midtown Muses | Mumbai Mirror

Just as we have Colaba art weekends every alternate Thursday, some midtown gallerists are gathering together to form their own group of art trawls. 

4 January 2018 | Rewind time in Byculla! | Mid-Day

A Nature, Art And Heritage Walk Aims To Acquaint Mumbaikars With The Historic Location. More...

22 November 2016 | Meet the 10th Anniversary Cohort of ISPA Fellows! | ISPA Newsletter

The Art X Company's founder, Rashmi Dhanwani, was selected to participate in International Society for Performing Arts' 2017 Global Fellowship programme

24 September 2016 | Dancing for a decade | The Hindu
Last week in Bangkok, Aditi Mangaldas staged the 58th show of ‘Uncharted Seas’, a performance that debuted in 2006. How hard is it to sustain a large-format show this long?

5 August 2016 | Drop in to discover what makes Mumbai cool | Hindustan Times

Cool is that word that you use all the time but fumble when you have to define. Is it an attitude or the phenomenon that has the buzz around?

2 August 2016 | Chill Factor: An event this weekend will examine the idea of 'Mumbai Cool' | The Daily Pao

An event titled ‘That’s Mumbai Cool’ at the Piramal Museum of Art on Saturday, August 6 will attempt to unpack the notion of cool in terms of contemporary culture in the city. 


9 June 2016 | How secret are the ‘secret parties’ popping up on your social media? | Hindustan Times

Pool parties at undisclosed locations, secret cinema screenings and performances. ‘Secret’ events are popping up fast on Facebook timelines. But should you really sign up for them?

29 April 2016 | Redefining body politics | The Hindu

An artist and a writer discuss the male gaze in art, while propounding their notions of feminism, body, identity.

20 March 2016 | Mallakhamb performance - With Uday Deshpande | Events High

Mallakhambh is a martial art tradition of Maharashtra, where gymnasts perform feats around a rope or a vertical wooden pole. 

13 March  2016 | Colaba and the Bombay Plague of 1896: A walking tour led by Shriti Tyagi | Time Out 

This walking tour in Colaba will visit sites relating to the outbreak of Plague in Bombay in 1896. 

13 March 2016 | Colaba and the Bombay Plague of 1896: A walking tour led by Shriti Tyagi | Mumbai Net 

Shriti Tyagi of Beyond Bombay leads walkers to key former and current landmarks associated with the devastating epidemic.

11 March 2016 | This iconic hotel is connected to the Bombay Plague. How? | Mid-day

In 1896, national leaders, iconic landmarks, dedicated doctors and a resilient city were caught by an epidemic. Test your Mumbai history IQ.

11 March 2016 | Insider’s guide to... Memorial sites of the 1896 plague | Hindustan Times

Heritage walks to 'plague memorials' as part of Tabiyat — an ongoing exhibition on the history of medicine in India, at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya (CSMVS).

8 March 2016 | Make Faces WIth A Masked Man | Mid-Day

5 March 2016 | The Kattaikkuttu Cool | Mid-Day

Witness young, Tamil Nadu-based artistes bring alive a rural South Indian drama form after two-hours of painstaking costume and makeup

4 March 2016 | Tamil Nadu's folk theatre Kattaikkutu comes to the city | Mumbai Theatre Guide 

Tamil Nadu's folk theatre Kattaikkutu comes to the city with a performance of DRAUPADI KURUVANCHI...

28 February 2016 | For that unforgettable voice | Mid-Day 

Classical music singers keep their voice immortal with Ayurveda tricks. These include using bajra flour and urine.

13 February 2016 | KGAF: A Funny pill to swallow | Hindustan Times 

The show (stand-up and a one-act, one-woman theatre piece), which was organised as part of Tabiyat, an art exhibition on ancient medicine in India, had the audience in splits. 

8 February 2016 | Warding off buri nazar for six generations | The Indian Express

Arif Banatwala talks about the two-centuries-old tradition of surma and kohl making, and their preparation today.

13 January 2016 | Feeling Blue - To Good Health | Mumbai Mirror 

This Monday was especially salubrious, with the opening of one of the year's most-awaited exhibitions at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) - Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India.


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