The Art X Company is an interdisciplinary arts organisation that operates at the intersection of arts and access. We enable access to the arts via Audience Development Strategy (audience analysis, strategy, curation, and production) and Arts Research (mapping, market profiling, sector studies) and Creative Projects. We curate, conceptualise and execute cross-genre events and projects, undertake arts research projects across cultural and creative industries in India. Our work includes museum collaborations, multi-genre performances, literature encounters and studies in the arts sector.

The Logo

The logo represents arts without boundaries – an idiom that doesn't isolate but engages all. The overlapping text is multi-hued allowing different shades and constructs to emerge, as a single genre, idea, image collaborates and fuses with the other. A creative process can be a chaotic process – within its idiosyncrasies we help put a spotlight on the order within chaos.


- Logo design by Hemant Suthar of Fractal ink Design Studio

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