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Bengaluru Design Week - A celebration of design in the city

Exploring design sector mapping




At the first ever Bangalore Design Week festival the Art X Company and the Association of Designers of India (ADI) came together to explore the potential of a Design Sector Mapping exercise for the city of Bengaluru. 


The sector and its players are recognising the need for more robust data on the design industry and a more complete understanding of its shape, scope, and form. The study will work towards tracing the industry's myriad sub sectors, its interaction and collaboration with other industries, and identifying supply and demand channels for design talent and gaps in the process, amongst other aspects.

For more information about ADI visit

What we did for them

Introduced Keith to the best talent across dance, performing arts, technology, fashion, music. Detailed discussions over coffee and drinks, coupled with live performances helped in showcasing the futuristic work Indian artists have been working towards. Successful interactions can lead to interesting possible collaborations for the upcoming show

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