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Festivals From India is an India-UK initiative made possible by the British Council. The digital platform is designed to showcase hundreds of arts and culture festivals across artforms, locations and languages. Whether you love attending festivals, are a festival manager, supplier, sponsor, advertiser, volunteer or just a curious cultural carnivore, Festivals from India is here to help. 

Festivals From India is made possible by British Council, and designed and developed by ArtBramha (a sister concern of the Art X Company). 


Presented by British Council and The Art X Company, the International Publishing Fellowship: India 2022 began in December 2021. This year-long programme will enable translators to forge connections with peers and publishers in India and the United Kingdom. Read more…

International Publishing Fellowship 2022

The Art X Company's mission is to enable and articulate value for the arts and culture sector in India through data-driven insights, strategy-led impact, and audience outreach. We offer consulting, research, curation, audience development and management services to the Indian cultural sector.  

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