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Visual Respiration 1

Strategy Planning and Audience Development




Visual Respiration is a theatre arts and performance company committed to creating immersive audience experiences. Through visual performances, they want to enable shared experiences for participants and audience members.


Visual Respiration required strategic intervention on where and how to take the company’s work to new markets and collaborators, while also looking at the company's artistic growth.

Visual Respiration 2


The Art X Company relooked at Visual Respiration's raison d'etre and reoriented their strategic plan with clear outcomes related to audience engagement and development.  


The Art X Company developed an audience development strategy for the brand. Every quarter, a planning workshop was held with the leadership team. The planning workshop included training on audience development and data driven decision-making. We also conducted research studies and analysis for marketing the brand. We supported artistic collaborations and partnerships for the company.

Year: 2015 - 16

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