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The Go Project 2

Strategy Planning and Organisational Approach




The Goa Project started in 2013 as a cross-disciplinary, grassroots initiative—primarily showcased as an ‘unconference’— that brings a diverse group of Thinkers, Doers,
Performers and Visionaries, where new ideas come together through cross-disciplinary interaction.

What started as a volunteer-led event, was registered as a not-for-profit Section 25 company in 2016. Atman Foundation, the parent company of The Goa Project was now looking at making TGP a sustainable event by revisiting their mission, vision and purpose statement and having a 5- year plan to achieve its main goal.


The Goa Project required a long-term view towards the growth of the organisation and the sustainability of its activities. For the same, the need was to embark upon a formal strategic planning process, with an aim to create a five-year strategic plan, with clear objectives and timelines.



A three-stage process to strategic planning was suggested. First, workshops with the core team were undertaken with a focus on revising and refining the original vision, mission and goals set forth by the founding team. Following this, a consultation-led research with key stakeholders to develop insights based on their expectations was deployed. One-to-one interviews were undertaken with sponsors, donors, volunteers, former speakers and former event attendees. The third and final stage centered around the formulation of a five-year strategy, in which priorities were clearly delineated in the form of objectives and timelines. 

Year: 2018


A designed vision mission document was produced, along with the credentials deck.
A report which entailed the five year plan, also included preliminary research
on potential revenue sources as well as a definition of key roles and responsibilities within the organisation and recommendations on the people who might fit in those roles.

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