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Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India (Exhibition)




Wellcome Trust, a global health charity, initiated a three-year project in India, in 2015, titled Medicine Corner. The project explored India’s rich plurality of cultures of medicine, healing and well-being through exhibitions, live public events and educational outreach. The centrepiece of Medicine Corner was the exhibition Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India, held at the CSMVS Museum in Mumbai. 


Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India was an exhibition that examined the history and contemporary practice of sustaining human health, and explored the same across four generic locations – the shrine, the clinic, the street and the home. The brief was to curate a series of live programmes in alignment with the exhibition, and which drew a range of audiences across classes and backgrounds.




The Art X Company offered to deliver a turnkey package for the Live Events programme of the exhibition. The programme would include events designed to attract large groups of varied audiences and representing arts across literary, visual and performing arts, including contemporary practices.

The Live Events programme, curated and produced by The Art X Company, comprised ten events (performances, demonstrations and guided walks) that foregrounded existing health and medicine practices, and were integrally connected with the exhibition on display. With artists from across India and strategic partnerships with the city’s big festivals such as Celebrate Bandra and Kalaghoda, the programme attracted a large, varied audience. The events were open to the general public, free and accessible, and presented a mix of various genres and styles.

Year: 2016

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