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Impact Analysis Study




Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) is one of India's largest multi-disciplinary cultural festivals that takes place annually in Goa. The festival's programming each year is richly layered, combining artistic showcase with learning and education, special projects, collaborations, and institutional engagements. The festival team along with the Serendipity Arts Foundation and their patrons, approach SAF with a long-term view and a deep understanding of the value that a cultural festival can bring to the region. 


The SAF team  hoped to outline they were indeed making an impact in the areas as stated in their mission, along with understanding if their political and economic objectives for the festival were being met. As a cultural festival that relies on the local government's buy-in to work with heritage venues and run as a public offering, they were also keen on being able to demonstrate their impact and to make a case for a continued close relationship with their key stakeholders.



The Art X Company undertook an impact analysis study for SAF that examined the festival's impact in four dimensions: cultural, social, economic, and place-based. Through mixed methods of qualitative and quantitative data collection, and using both primary and secondary research methods, the study examined the festival’s experience among various stakeholders across these domains.

Year: 2018-19


An impact report comprised data from 630 audience surveys, 200 direct stakeholder interviews, and input from 80 team members and volunteers. It traced the evolution of SAF over its first three years, provided a coherent snapshot of the festival's vast offering, and examined the festival's outcomes in the cultural, social, economic, and place-based dimensions. The report also clearly identified areas of impact that could be used to build the festival's story to its stakeholders, and included recommendations on some areas of improvement and stakeholder feedback. 

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