Culture Sector Trends Mapping




The British Council is the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Through its work in the arts since 1948, British Council has devised artistic interventions that have supported the Indian arts sector, and addressed some of the needs of Indian cultural professionals. 


In order to stay relevant and informed about developments in the sector locally, British Council commissioned the Art X Company to carry out a study of the sector's needs in 5 metro cities. Insights from the study was going to be used to develop a relevant and coherent strategy for the organisation's arts work in India.



The Art X Company's approach underscored a holistic research methodology, interviewee mapping to ensure equal representation, and layering insights into existing research and literature review of  existing sectoral needs analysis and trends insights. Cultural professionals representing the length and breadth of the arts sector located in the target cities while positioned across different levels of expertise and artistic discipline were surveyed through interviews and questionnaires that covered various aspects of their experience and immediate circumstances. A mix of different research methods comprising interviews, consultation workshops and surveys was employed. The team further parsed research inputs into broad themes and ongoing local trends across the country.

Year: 2018


The comprehensive report produced by the Art X Company compiled responses from over 400 Indian cultural professionals. It comprised insights into trends and movements in the sector, existing infrastructure and financial support, as well as immediate needs articulated by cultural workers. The report also included recommendations on focus areas that the British Council could incorporate in their five-year arts strategy for the region.