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Indian Cultural Networking Itinerary





A research project for The Factory, the proposed new home of the Manchester International Festival, that aims to create an interdisciplinary performance of huge ambition and scope that interprets and re-presents the immense amount of digital data we create and that surrounds us in our everyday lives.


Keith Khan - an award-winning British artist and designer making complex, interdisciplinary and visually rich performance work, who has an international reputation for creating ground-breaking work that explores the crossover of cultures and the impact of technology on our daily lives was conceptualising a piece for the Manchester International Festival’2020.

 As part of a research period for this new project, he was interested in exploring potential collaborations with DJ’s, musicians, choreographers, dancers, technologists and designers from across both China and India.


The Art X Company offered to showcase the best of talents from India to Keith Khan when he came down to India for his research trip.

Year: 2017


Introductions and visits to a curated group of cultural and creative professionals across 4 cities -- Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad introduced Keith to the best talent across dance, performing arts, technology, fashion, music. Detailed discussions coupled with live performances helped in showcasing the work of Indian artists. Successful interactions with over 60 culture professionals lead to interesting collaborations for the upcoming show.

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