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Curation of the Conference's Cultural Programme




ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) delivers a portfolio of strategic solutions and a robust ecosystem of events around the globe. Those events include AdventureNEXT which focuses on regional promotion and partnerships. ATTA held their first Indian conference in December 2018, Pulse of Tomorrow, which was aimed at introducing Madhya Pradesh as an adventure destination to international buyers and media to  explore future-driven business opportunities while incorporating educational workshops and sessions covering regional topics.


ATTA commissioned Art X Company to present the cultural programme within the conference that involved curating activities highlighting the culture of Madhya Pradesh.



The Art X Company curated a programme that presented the best of cultural actors and heritage that MP was known for, while adopting formats that mixed experiential learning with presentation of cultural content.  The workshop - lec-dem sessions foregrounded Madhya Pradesh’s rich culture across art, textile and music.


A set of three ninety minute sessions covering distinct aspects of Madhya Pradesh’s Culture - Folk Art, Handloom/Textile and Classical Music.

Session 1 (Gond Art) - With Shampa Shah, Subhash Singh Vyam and Japani Shyam

Session 2 (Weaves of Central India) - Maheshwari handlooms and Women Weave

Session 3 (Dhrupad Diaries) - Dhrupad exponent, Pt Ramakant Gundecha

Year: 2018

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