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Art Laws of India




‘The Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972’ is the principal act that governs the free movement of art objects within and outside the boundaries of India. Initially formulated to prevent smuggling and fraudulent dealings in Indian antiquities, its mandate also extends to the compulsory acquisition and preservation of objects perceived as important to the nation in public places. Attempts at amending the act since its inception have been unsuccessful, making parts of it archaic with the dire need to take measures towards modifying it to adhere to contemporary realities.


Piramal Museum of Art was developing a 3-day conference based on ‘The Antiquities & Art Treasures Act, 1972’. To understand the purpose of the law, barriers faced and its implications. The Museum was looking for an execution partner to see the project through. 



The Art X company created a structure for the 3-day conference. The Art X Company as execution partners managed and executed the entire project over a course of three months which included communications and marketing, artist and speaker management, audience development and outreach of the event.

Year: 2019


The successful completion of the project saw 22 invited speakers at the conference which included eminent names such as Naman Ahuja, Dr Alka Pande , Dr Rajendra Yadav and Dr Tasneem Mehta. 117 delegates from all over India participated in the conference which examined both sides of the story For/Against The Antiquities & Art Treasures Act.

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