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Cultural Management in the Digital Age




In association with its head office in Munich, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai  initiated a two-year project (2020-21) on “Cultural Management in the Digital Age”. It will also include contributions from Goethe-Instituts Minsk and Shanghai. 


The project aimed to aid the curriculum development and delivery of an international practice- oriented training programme, the development of digital training materials to provide relevant tools to culture managers and make the subject more visible.


The Art X Company suggested creating an Advisory Council and hosting a series of workshops to identify the key areas and themes that needed to be developed for the course. The aim of the workshops was to get feedback from an India-based target group that mirrored the summer school target audience, on the thematic areas that the summer school will comprise, and to dive into each of them to get  a clear sense of the specific content, frameworks, and tools within each that will need to be explored for the summer school. 


The Art X Company formed an advisory council for the programme. Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai in partnership with the Art X Company and Arts & Culture Resources India (ACRI) organised four workshops in the month of July to develop the curriculum approach and framework for this project.


  1. Workshop with Advisory Council

  2. Optimising Online: Exploring the potential of digital delivery in the arts

  3. IRL: From Real to Remote - Cultural Management in the Digitalverse

  4. Roundup with Advisory Council



The Art X Company coordinated and delivered a four week programme. Led by experts from the digital humanities, culture management and digital arts domains, the programme included eight closed door sessions that tackled topics in the realm of digital cultural management including digital transformation, audience development, technology and art, and building value in cultural businesses, amongst several others. 40 fellows were selected to be part of the programme that ended in December.

In 2021, Art X and Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai are developing Phase 3 of the programme in India.

Year: 2020

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