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Membership and Audience Research - NCPA Mumbai




The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai, is India’s premier cultural institution. NCPA’s overarching mission is to preserve, promote and propagate India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage besides providing a platform for the finest of international performing arts.


This project is primarily an audience and membership research study conducted by the Art X Company. It aimed to garner insight and feedback to enable the NCPA to curate relevant programmes and offerings for its audiences and members.
The study focused on lovers and supporters of the arts and culture, on what they want from the NCPA and the arts in Mumbai and India. It also sought to outline the changing audience landscape for the performing arts in India and the barriers to access to physical spaces and live events in light of the pandemic. 

Working Outdoors




  • To provide recommendations on membership profiles, membership tiers and structure, pricing strategy, digital marketing and programming preferences, including potential membership models.

  • To outline the changing audience landscape and their relationship with arts, culture and entertainment, both in the digital and physical realms.

  • To understand the barriers to access to physical spaces and live events given the COVID-19 pandemic, as experienced by current NCPA audiences, particularly NCPA members.

  • To outline the ideal target segments of future audiences for offline subscription models

The methodology employed in this research study includes a review of secondary data, interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs), team workshops and an online survey.  

88 interviews (in the form of both personal interviews and focus group discussions) were conducted with representatives from diverse age, socio-economic and professional backgrounds, also accounting for their relationship with the NCPA. Further, the online survey was taken by 287 respondents over a period of 45 days. These were partnered with two workshops conducted by The Audience Agency and facilitated by the Art X Company, to help the NCPA team reflect and map their relationship with their audiences. 
In sum, a total of 400 respondents were involved with the study, of which around 25 were internal NCPA stakeholders.

  • Recommendations about membership plans including benefits, pricing and target audience were presented to the NCPA.

  • Recommendations about internal teams restructuring, programming and strategy were presented to the NCPA team.

  • A final report with the findings was produced for the NCPA to inform the development of its membership plans and to diversify its audience base. 

Year: June 2021 - Jan 2022
This report was for internal consumption 

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