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We showcased Madhya Pradesh’s rich culture across art, textile and music, through curating lecture-demonstration-workshop sessions with the finest regional talent




‘Pulse of Tomorrow’- A three-day conference organised by Adventure Next India (One of the key properties of ATTA), aimed at introducing Madhya Pradesh as an adventure destination to international buyers and media to explore future-driven business opportunities.


To curate an interesting set of sessions showcasing the culture of Madhya Pradesh through three 90-minute lecture-demonstration-workshop sessions.

What we did for them

We curated 3 aspects of Madhya Pradesh’s Culture - Folk Art, Handloom/Textile and Classical Music. We had leading artists in each field conduct the lecture-demonstration-workshop sessions.

Session 1 (Gond Art)

Shampa Shah, Subhash Singh Vyam and Japani Shyam together offered an intimate and contemporary view into one of the most prominent and popular folk arts of India - the Gond art. Not only did the participants immerse themselves in the rich history, traditional techniques and contemporary practices, but also got a chance to try their hand at Gond Art under the experts guidance.

Session 2 (Weaving of Central India)

This session highlighted the fine Maheshwari handlooms, the foundation of the oldest organisation involved in their revival, the talented craftswomen and men working to create the fabric, and the enchanting beauty of the town from which the craft derives its name. Nivedita Rai from Women Weave led the session along with Manish Pawar and Anju Yadav, allowing the attendees to touch & feel the fabric created with love and dignity.

Session 3 (Dhrupad Diaries)

The session, led by renowned Dhrupad exponent, Pt Ramakant Gundecha, encompassed the Indian classical music tradition with a special focus on Dhrupad through a lecture presentation and demonstration. Ramakantji also addressed music education in the Indian context, and what it takes to maintain traditions and integrity in the modern age successfully.

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