Manchester International Festival

Showcased the best of talent from Mumbai across spaces for collaboration with the chinese artists for the upcoming show for The Factory- a world-class cultural space being developed in the heart of Manchester




Keith Khan, an award-winning British artist and designer making complex, interdisciplinary and visually rich performance work, has been commissioned by the Manchester International Festival for creating ground-breaking work that explores the crossover of cultures and the impact of technology on our daily lives. The show will be showcased at The Factory.


Fuel Keith with stimulating work and encounters across the best talent India has to offer, which will help him conceptualise work for the upcoming show at The Factory.

What we did for them

Introduced Keith to the best talent across dance, performing arts, technology, fashion, music. Detailed discussions over coffee and drinks, coupled with live performances helped in showcasing the futuristic work Indian artists have been working towards. Successful interactions can lead to interesting possible collaborations for the upcoming show

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